Friday, October 10, 2008

Japanese Course

I began taking a course to finally learn to speak Japanese more fluently. Give me a few more weeks and then you can test my skills by asking me questions. I'm also learning to read and write Japanese (Nihongo) so you can also let me practice writing your name.

Recent workshop & website update

My apology for not posting for so long. For those that know, the new website is being worked on and will hopefully be up by the end of the month. After the website goes live, I will be on a regular schedule with updating this blog and using it for all sorts of information.

I attended a workshop a few weeks ago that has added a dimension to my Shiatsu practice that has already shown positive results. The work is linked with the Central Channel of the body (the vertebral information system) and works to alleviate stress patterns that have become locked in the body. I plan to have some "demo" times at the office to have people try the new work. It's a different way to work, so I want to allow people an opportunity to experience it. Look for that opportunity in the next few weeks!